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Dissappointment for Team Hedzup ahead of KDM Hire Cookstown 100


One of the True shoestring race teams to compete at the KDM Hire Cookstown 100 over the recent years has been Team Hedzup. Sadly, due to circumstances beyond their control, they will not be competing at this years event, Team manager Ian Pert explains why; " Because of a run of really bad luck this season is already looking like a very low key one, we have a massive bill for the hedzup mini bus repairs as well as the guy who had offered to look after our lorry disappearing from his work under a cloud without letting us know and leaving our partially stripped lorry at his old workplace for 3 months when I thought he was fixing it, his old boss has given me till the end of the month to get it moved or he will scrap it, I am in a near impossible situation as I cant fix it enough to move it, and have no place to move it to even if we could.

We will have to pull out of Cookstown for this year, but will hopefully be back next year, we are still coming over to Tandragee, mainly because the lad who bought us our bus is going and has given us a little help to make sure we are there when he is. We will be entering the manx, but I dont expect to get in, just scared that if we dont try and enter we will not get another opportunity, its not easy running a youth charity, but the positives outway the negatives, at least most of the time. Thank you for your help as always,its because of the positivity from those that help us that I keep going, and its so worth it when you see the difference that can be made to some of the kids I am lucky enough to work with. "



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