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Sam eagerly looking forward to returning to KDM Hire Cookstown 100




From Briggs, in North Lincolnshire, this will be Sam Johnsons Third time at the KDM Hire Cookstown 100, and like others, just aims to improve on previous results.


“The Cookstown circuit is a lovely wee track, I just Love the People there, Great Track,Great People, Cant get enough!” quipped an excited Sam, as he prepares for this years meeting.




As someone who has a long way to travel, Sam is adamant that without his faithful and supportive sponsors, his enjoyment of road racing would not be possible!


“I would like to first of all say thanks to Colin Dunlop, Dave McWates MCW Photography,  Tweedy and EVERYONE else involved with Colin Dunlop Racing, and to Colin (Dunlop) for the machines that are going to be rolled out this year; ZX6 and supertwin.




And also taking this opportunity to Thank John Mago and Darren burns for the use of the 125  honda again this year , which I'm also looking forward to a lot!”


Sam has been round the Orritor circuit on the Supertwin and 600 bikes, but this will be his first time on the little dinger, a class, that Sam is more than glad to be competing in, and also one of those who wishes to see it survive. Thanks to John Mago, who took Sam on board during the 2016 season, and is retaining his services for 2017.


Johnson, admits, its still all a learning curve, but is more than happy to continue his apprenticeship on the roads.


Some riders fail to respond to my requests, and some fail to actually say Thanks to their Sponsors!, But Sam, along with many others, really emphasised the Fact, That The Thanking of the Race Sponsors is a small, but VERY important part of the racing scene ( as you can see from the start of the article!),before going, Sam also paid Thanks to the Organizing Club AND to ALL the Spectators Who Continue to SUPPORT the Sport, amongst VERY difficult times!




Programme of Events KDM Hire ‘Cookstown 100’ 2017






Thursday 27th April


Classic Bike Run


Sign on from 6.30pm in Burn Road Car Park leaving 7.15pm






Friday 28th April


Practice Day


Roads Close 12 noon




Saturday 29th April


Race Day


Roads Close 10.00am


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