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The Future of Road Racing lies in the hands of the Paying Spectators! The simple facts are, that for Too Long, Spectators have been able to watch this exhilarating sport, for FREE!!!


The Time has come, for everyone to realise, that ALL Sports cost Thousands of pounds to stage! A national league football match costs £30 for a mere 90mins of entertainment! Here at the KDM Hire Cookstown 100, All, the organizing club is asking, is for EVERYONE to Purchase a Race Programme, AND Donate towards the event! The Insurance costs alone for this event is £ 18.000k!, Total Running costs for the meeting will probably be just shy of£ 100k!


We are Appealing to the Public, PLEASE SUPPORT THE KDM HIRE COOKSTOWN 100.


Motorcycles race at speeds up to 190mph, on public roads, a spectacle, that we are privileged to witness here in Ireland,




The future of road racing is in the hands of YOU the spectators.


The simple facts are that for far too long, spectators have been able to watch this sporting spectacle of road racing for FREE.


Everyone has to realise that all sport costs money to stage and the KDM Hire Cookstown "100" is no different.


All the organisers are asking is that everyone purchases a race programme and donate towards the event. The insurance costs alone for the Cookstown "100" is staggering and the running costs for the meeting is around £100,000.


So, we are appealing to the public, please support the KDM Hire Cookstown "100", not just with your presence, but by purchasing a programme.

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