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Determined to follow his Dream

Determined to follow his Dream
After years of building race and championship winning bikes, ace engine tuner, Shane Wogan (Wogan Performance) has decided to form his own race team, with the chosen rider being Tramores Brian McCormack.
In recent years, despite his disabilities, Shane, or “Wogie” as he is known to everyone, has built & tuned engines for numerous riders and teams.
Amongst those who have availed of his services include ; Martrain ,B.E Racing, Trevor Ferguson, Davy Morgan, Derek McGee, Derek Shiels , William Davidson, Timothy Monet ,Marty Lennon , Micko Sweeney Graham Kennedy, Tommy Maxwell but to name but a few.
Wogan Performance sponsored Derek McGee in 2015,when McGee was successful in winning the Supertwin championship, as well as the UGP race!
Having produced many race winners, and championships over the years, The Tuning ace decided, it was time to purchase a bike and run if under the Branding of “Wogan Performance Racing” in 2017. As this article is being written, the chosen bike, a 600 R6 Yamaha has just been been stripped , and completely rebuilt .
The original plan was to run this bike at the Three major international events, but the team, have decided to take in the KDM Cookstown 100,where the fans will get the first glimpse of the very impressive colour scheme of TWR, and the rider, Brian McCormack. This is a family run concern, with Shane building and maintain the bikes, whilst his wife Stacey looks after the Administration side of the business.
The last time Brian McCormack rode a 600 yamaha was in 2014,when he won the Mondello Masters 600 championship, McCormack has been competing for quite a few years now, From Mondello to Daytona, to Macau and Isle of Man, The Tramore lorry driver has had some impressive results .Always a stylish competitor, the 32 year old is capable of running up front at any race, circuits or roads.
Wogan Performance ,The One Stop Shop for Performance Building engines, Dyno Centre, and Flash Tuning, would like to say Thanks to their sponsors, D&M Autoclean,A2Z Property Maintenance Ltd, Harleys Bar (Robert Cairns), along with friends near and far.
Shane Wogan, has been building bikes since he was a teenager, it has been a labour of love for him, getting his satisfaction from good results from his own work!
In 1995, Shane was involved in RTA, resulting in being wheelchair bound for two years, and a paralysed arm. However, despite his disabilities, he never let it stop him, doing what he loved doing best, and this was, not only tuning engines, but ALSO, racing bikes!
In 2002 Shane started Drag racing with a 1000 EXUP Yamaha, to enable him do this, taped his paralysed arm with insulating tap to the handlebar !
In 2006 Shane got his arm removed from the elbow as it was holding him back and getting in his way . With pure grit and determination, Wogie then progressed onto the Super Street and Top Speed bikes with a prosthetic arm , Proving his disabilities and positive attitude to living, Wogie was often coming he came first and second In drag racing championships
. In 2009 he decided to concentrate on the top speed events, on board his own tuned Turbo Hyabusa , pushing out an amazing 560 BHP, he recorded a speed of 294mph in a 1/4 mile event at the Half Way road Drag Race meeting in Co Cork.
The following season, Shane obtained land speed record on a standing mile in Yorkshire at 238mph resulting in being the fastest European in 2010 & Fastest Disabled rider on 2 wheels , a record that still stands today!
In 2011 Shane done 271mph but never got to do a backup pass to make an average speed record. By now Shane was getting busier with his work, and made the call to give up racing to concentrate on his engine building business, having built engines since he was 16 ,he just decided to place the work above play!
This is indeed a remarkable story, which shows, that with a positive outlook in life, what can be achieved!
So, when at the KDM Hire Cookstown 100, Call into the Paddock, where you will get to see for the first time, this new Family run Team, Yes, its, “Shane the Builder and Stacey the Beggar!!”
Programme of Events KDM Hire ‘Cookstown 100’ 2017
Thursday 27th April
Classic Bike Run
Sign on from 6.30pm in Burn Road Car Park leaving 7.15pm
Friday 28th April
Practice Day
Roads Close 12 noon
Saturday 29th April
Race Day
Roads Close 10.00am
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