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2018 KDM Hire Competitors,Please Read

KDM Hire Cookstown 100 Competitors,Please READ!! 
As you are all aware,this years race,is the FIRST road race of the season, and with that, it means, that Everyone wants to get out on track!,Entries are filling up FAST,and could well be full up BEFORE the closing Date! ALL Competitors who raced at Cookstown last year,will have recieved their entry form a good while ago, so ,it is up to the competitor to ensure that they have they entries sent in!.With the nature of the circuit,there are only so many allowed on the grid!! so the simplicity of this article is,FIRST Come,FIRST Served!!!!,So,COMPETITORS, For your own benefit, Get your entry in NOW!!!!!!…/…/category/18-2018-entry-reg-forms

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