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Visitors Licences,Please read

Riders have been asking me about their VISITORS LICENCES, Unfortunately, this has NOTHING to do with the Organizing Club, This lies with the Governing body of the sport. These applications are been sorted, and riders will be notified in due course.  The following competitors HAVE been Granted their Visitors Licence, and this will let you guys go ahead and Book your Boats/Flights etc.

Kenny Hink, Mathias Winklehom, Marc Ironside,Paul Mackey, Paul Williams, Philip Shaw, Chris McGahan, Jim Hind, Brad Vicars, Vic Allan, Sam Johnston, Andrew Sellars, Dave Murphy, Darren Cooper, Gavin Brown, Tom Vear, Stephen Degnan, Richard Ford, Benjamin Plant, James Rotherly, James Relevy, Stephen Haddow, James Rotherall, Mel Gantly.

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